At ROTOTANK we are committed to manufacturing based on sustainability and user wellbeing. These two values are the basis of our designs, which are not only functional, ergonomic, attractive and innovative, but also have to be comprehensive, increase their life cycle and integrate into the environment without harming it. For this reason, Eco-design (and compliance with ISO 14006) is our company philosophy, fairer to the environment and manufacturing more sustainable and coherent products.

1. Raw materials

Use of recycled material (up to 50%) and recyclable materials. Maximum use of raw materials to eliminate waste and reduce waste.

2. Manufacture

Optimisation of energy use. Minimal environmental impact. Implementation of production systems in line with the conservation of the planet and its regeneration.

3. Transport

Maximum reduction of energy consumption for transport.
Maximum space optimisation.

4. Use

Fácil y seguro de usar. Larga vida útil (más de 10 años). Calidad y garantía. Posibilidad de sustitución y reposición de elementos.

5. Environment

Maximum involvement of all members of the company in waste reduction. Waste management system in place. Reuse of packaging.

High % of recycled materials
100% recyclable Plastic, steel and aluminium
High % reduction in consumption
Very easy cleaning and maintenance
High recyclability